About Us

ROllOTD Lightweight and Luxury Brand: Fashion style design and modern and Classical  Luxury glasses blend into the connotation of cultural life, sharp new style in a pair of simple-shaped glasses.

ROllOTD brand glasses, a fashion brand with youth vitality as its design concept, create unique charming life elements for fashion glasses.


ROllOTD originated from Spain, original meaning: rolling logs, original meaning: for the transmission of truth.


ROllOTD is based on the core concept of "Lightweight, Heart-Free, Red Eye Collection" to create unique enjoyment for every consumer.

In the field of application, whether it is onion teenagers or college students, or urban aristocrats, can present themselves in our brand.


Joshua, the founder of the brand, has always respected the design style of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. As a well-deserved master of architectural design at the end of the nineteenth century, Gaudi injected his soul into every work, so that each work was endowed with a unique emotion.

By chance, the founder of the brand visited Barcelona's landmark St. Family Cathedral. Inside the church there are various combinations of internal spiral, hyperbola and parabola. The dome skylights projected the aura of topaz.

In addition, all the internal columns use curves to create the main column, which reflects Gaudi has always advocated: "straight line represents human beings, curve belongs to God."

After stepping into this sacred place, J is amazed by the perfect combination of modern and classical. The sword pointed to the great building of the sky, which gave him different feelings and experiences.

In this way, the founder of the brand sprouted inspiration. The combination of classical design style and cutting-edge technology makes innovative thinking present on ROllOTD brand glasses.


Wood tone matching full of natural style, curved close-fitting design, and anti-fatigue combination of nose pads. In order to protect consumers from electromagnetic interference when wearing, ROllOTD glasses are manually made into a series of non-magnetic glasses.

Natural Comfort, Aristocratic Flavor, Fashion Frontier